As the premier service provider of everything to do with drywall in Atlanta, GA, you have come to the right place for your drywall needs! Here to help with every aspect of the work, from sourcing to installing, from repairs to finishing- you name it, we can help! A drywall finish service will ensure that your property is looking its best at all times, maintaining its newly installed or renovated beauty for decades to come. As your local experts in all things drywall, Atlanta Drywall Pros is here to do the best for your property, whether that is a commercial or residential building.

What is drywall finishing?
Finishing your drywall is the process that gives it that beautiful, seamless, and smooth aesthetic. It provides that finishing touch that ensures every detail is meticulously dealt with to create the perfect look. This process involves applying tape or paper over the areas where the pieces of drywall meet (known as the joints). We then cover the taped seams and fill any holes from screws or nails with a drywall compound that facilitates a smooth surface. Once this has been achieved a small amount of sanding is performed to finalize the smooth surface, and that is it! Our team are experts in this field and can achieve results of absolute perfection, creating smooth finishes that are completely without any blemishes.

Our goal is to achieve perfection in your drywall surfaces. To do this we work with only the highest quality of materials, products, and equipment, and use only the most up-to-date methods. We work with an array of products and mixes to create the perfect finishing compound, and our experts will first assess your property as a unique location, to choose the most successful and beneficial materials for your finishing. We also utilize the range of products for the different layers of compound to ensure the best adhesion and durability.

Drywall Taping & Floating
Ensuring that your drywall is finished to the best it can be requires a tailored approach performed by an expert. The nature of the material means that it is slightly thinner on its outer edges than in the center. Our team works hard to eliminate this aesthetic with our finishing service. They use a process that utilizes tape on the seams and then a thin layer of compound is applied. This layer will even the outside seams but not build them up. Layers of the compound are then applied to achieve a level surface across all the materials. This entire process is often referred to as drywall floating.

Why work with us?
As your local experts in all things drywall, you can be assured that when you work with us, your property is in the best hands! Able to support you in every stage, we provide installation, finishing, repairs, replacements, and much more. Offering affordable prices and the absolute best standard of work, simply get in touch today, and will be happy to help!

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